No more paper tickets, Excel files and multiple disconnected systems. Have everything at your fingertips in one central place. 

  • Dispaching resources
  • Compliance & safety
  • Real-time reporting
  • Forms and work-flows
  • Asset management

Watch this short video to see how Aimsio can improve your field operations.

Simplicity in the field

  • Field supervisors and crew can easily execute and track their field work while improving communications (even when they are offline).
  • Eliminate paper forms that are easily lost or damaged and are prone to errors.
  • Manage safety with QSHE compliance functionality.


Clarity in the office

  • Reduce administrative activities by eliminating redundant tasks.
  • Optimize resource deployment through intelligent dispatching.
  • Manage assets through location tracking and field management.

Eliminating All the Papers: 

Here are a a few examples of forms that our current customers are filling out and tracking in the field and office.

Field tickets
Work orders
Pre-trip & post-trip inspections
Job orders
Incident forms
Safety forms
Maintenance forms
Purchase orders
Mobilization request
Material request
Resource request
and many other forms